Furniture Protection Warranties

ProGuard Care Collection Warranty
ProGuard Care Collection Warranty

Guardsman® ProGuard Care Collection
Including a 5 Year Product Warranty


Product Description

  • - Guardsman® ProGuard Care Collection, including a 5 Year Product Warranty
  • - A total care and maintenance system for your PU-coated furniture
  • - There is no better way to care for your furniture investment

Your New  PU-coated Investment

When you invest in new furniture, you want to keep its luxurious feel
and natural beauty for as long as possible. With basic care and
maintenance, your PU-coated furniture upholstery can look great for years.
Accidental stains and damage can occur at any time. Purchasing the
Guardsman ProGuard Care Collection with 5 Year Product Warranty
helps you protect and maintain your new furniture from accidents,
giving you the peace of mind you deserve.

The Guardsman® ProGuardCare Collection includes:
•    250ml ProGuard Protect & Preserve
•    250ml ProGuard Clean & Renew
•    Application Cloth, Dusting Cloth and Cleaning Sponge
•    5 Year Product Warranty terms and conditions booklet

The Guardsman® ProGuard Care Collection will help protect your PU-coated  furniture against (see table below):

Staining (accidental damage)
Resulting From:
Covered by:
Guardsman® ProGuard Care Collection
All Accidental Stains ×
Accidental Damage ×
Human and Pet Bodily Fluids ×
Ballpoint Pen and Lipstick ×

*Please refer to products terms and conditions for more information

Your furniture retailer to give you the protection that Guardsman® ProGuard Care Collection offers.

The Guardsman® ProGuard Care Collection including a 5 Year Product Warranty is only available when you purchase a new PU-coated product from a Guardsman&reg recommended furniture retailer.

For all Warranties:
Claims and assistance
Guardsman has a toll-free number available Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 5:00pm (Sydney EST) that you may call for help on stain removal procedures, or to advise us of damage to your furniture

Registered customers or interested parties may call:
•    Australia - 1 800 249 252
•    New Zealand 0800 442 343
You may also submit your warranty claim online via  this form
In the event of a claim, we have an extensive network of specialists who perform all service work. Please refer to the actual Guardsman&reg Product Warranty for terms and conditions, or call us on our toll-free line for more information.

Safety Information

Click here to find your Safety Data Sheet information for your Guardsman products.