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Wood Protection Warranty
Wood Protection Warranty

Guardsman® Wood Care Collection

Including a 5 Year Product Warranty


Product Description

  • - Guardsman® Wood Care Collection, including a 5 Year Product Warranty
  • - A total care and maintenance system for the ultimate wood furniture care
  • - Give your wood furniture the finest care and attention

Your New Wood Furniture Investment

Keep your furniture looking its best with Guardsman Wood Care Collection, including a 5 Year Product Warranty, complete with a total care and maintenance system for the ultimate wood furniture care.

With the guardsman Wood Care Collection and a small amount of TLC,  you can protect and maintain your new wood furntiure which should give you and your family years of enjoyable use.

Correct and regular use of the Guardsman wood care and repair products will assist in maintaining the quality of your new valuable wood investment, as well as retain its beauty and appearance.

A recognised expert in producing wood finishes to furniture manufacturers since 1915. Guardsman understands wood. As a mark of quality, all of Guardsman wood furniture products contain no harmful silicones or waxes that can damage your wood furniture.*


The Guardsman® Wood Care Collection includes:

1 x 354g Wood Cleaner Aerosol

1 x 354g Wood Protector Aerosol

1 x Ultimate Dusting Cloth

1 x Water Ring Remover

1 x Packet of Wood Touch Up Crayons

1 x Packet of Wood Touch Up Markers

(2 Applicator Cloths also included).

5 Year Product Warranty terms and conditions booklet

your furniture retailer to give you the protection that Guardsman® Wood Care Collection offers.

The Guardsman® Wood Care Collection including a 5 Year Product Warranty is only available when you purchase your new wood furniture from a Guardsman recommended furniture retailer.

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Claims and assistance
Guardsman has a toll-free number available Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 5:00pm (Sydney EST) that you may call for help on stain removal procedures, or to advise us of damage to your furniture

Registered customers or interested parties may call:
•    Australia - 1 800 249 252
•    New Zealand 0800 442 343
You may also submit your warranty claim online via this form.

In the event of a claim, we have an extensive network of specialists who perform all service work. Please refer to the actual Guardsman Product Warranty for terms and conditions, or call us on our toll-free line for more information.

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Safety Information

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